Audio Produktion

Do you need music tailor-made for a short film or video presentation? Or perhaps a new CI-Melody or original sound for an App? We can whip together fresh, tasty sound bits that will please your senses. All from our in-house up-to-date sound design kitchen!


We mix in Stereo and Surround 5.1 and finalize the product in every known format or codec. Do you have a recording from a concert, rehearsal room or another studio to be mixed or edited? We have over 20 years experience in the mixing business and are able to meet your expectations on every project.
We can also master your audio to technical standards (for example RU 128) or every exotic audio codec (MPEG etc). Ask today for a no-obligation quote!

Mastering /Audio Restauration

Do you have a audio file you’d like to improve? We have years of experience and all the state of the art tools to make your recordings shine. If you want to reduce hum, noise or other artefacts we can “photoshop” your recordings to improve sound quality.

Speech Recording

We edit, mix and master all kinds of audio, such as phone voices, ads, off speech for education or product videos, audio books, radio play and many more. We offer also ADR including text edits and translation to english, french, italian and german.

Music and Vocal Recording

In our studios we provide professional instrumental recordings as well as vocal recordings. Up to 4 separated rooms can be used for all kind of projects. Our comfortable personal monitoring system (AVIOM) and a Multitrack Recording System (Pro Tools HD) can serve up to seven musicians at a time recording 40 tracks simultaneously.

Recording on Location

Do you need a reliable sound recording of your event? Or would you like to keep all tracks of your concert for mixing it later or even a separate broadcast mix for a live stream? We can do all that and even more, please contact us for more details.